Adult Program

DanceFit for adults was created by combining dance & fitness, out of the desire to have fun while exercising. The concept and design allows all to engage whether someone has had formal dance and fitness training or none at all. We offer In Studio, Online &Mobile classes.



  • DanceFit Hip-Hop Cardio

This class is 45 minutes long & is designed for all levels whether you are an athlete or a beginner. All classes can be modified according to individual needs. The workout begins with a warm-up that incorporates stretching to help create long, lean muscles & prepares the body to then move in a constant motion creating an adrenaline – pumping workout. This class improves mobility, flexibility, strengthens and builds stamina while getting your heart pumping. You should wear comfortable clothes, dance shoes or tennis shoes and be prepared to sweat!

  • DanceFit Barre Mix

This is a 45 minute low-impact, muscle toning, conditioning class. This class focuses on target muscle groups to lengthen, tighten and strengthen key areas of the body. This workout increases flexibility, sculpts & tones muscles, burns fat, improves posture and enhances self confidence. You should wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement, ballet shoes or socks. No barre is necessary …. you can use the back of a chair.

  • DanceFit for Seniors

This class is a 45 minutes low-impact, full body workout that can be modified according to individual needs. This is an invigorating, but balanced and practical class that is designed to tone and strengthen the body. This class keeps the body in good mobile shape, while adding energy and circulation to the body. This class incorporates stretching, toning and aerobic movements for a complete workout. You should wear comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, dance shoes or socks. Feel Free to use a chair.

  • DanceFit Tap Class

This class starts with a stretching and conditioning warm up. Selected varied tap drills for basic tap instructions are then practiced. The class then moves along by incorporating tap progressive techniques and steps that are applied to follow along choreography for a fun filled dance class. Getting a good workout while at the same time learning tap techniques and dance routines couldn’t be more fun!

  • DanceFit Ballet Basics 101

This class is a 45 minute long ballet technique class for beginners. It’s perfect for anyone that has always wanted to learn ballet but never got the chance. It’s never too late. You will learn basic steps and dance to beautiful ballet music. This class will improve balance and posture, while strengthening and toning your muscles. Ballet Basics 101, is a traditional beginner ballet class designed especially for the adult beginner with no dance experience. You should wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and ballet shoes or socks. No barre is necessary …. you may use a back of a chair or a kitchen counter top.

  • DanceFit Stretch

The stretch class helps with maintaining mobility & easing of movement. It improves posture, increases blood flow, energizes and relieves stress. Practicing stretching consistenly improved the bodies circulation & gives overall well being.


Adult Poilicies


  • There is a monthly Membership.
  • Classes must be scheduled in advanced.
  • Payments must be made prior to class.
  • Once payment has been made there are no refunds.
  • We have the right to cancel and reschedule.
  • We have the right to refuse service.

Dance Fit


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